Jericho Jewish Center Hosts BBQ And Bonfire


Lag B’Omer is a little-known celebratory day on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates when Rabbi Akiva’s students stopped dying from a plague and the Yahrzeit (date of death) of the great sage Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Shimon was the author of the Kabbalistic book the Zohar, and as he brought light to so many Jewish teachings and traditions it became customary to light bonfires on this day in his memory. It is also customary to have picnics to celebrate the joyousness of the day.

Jericho Jewish Center celebrated with a full barbecue, a bonfire, the roasting of smores, festive music and dancing. Special thanks to the Jericho Fire Department for ensuring the safety of the event and to Jake!s Mens Club for sponsoring it.















—Jericho Jewish Center

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