South Grove Celebrates Nutrition Month

Syosset students enjoyed some delicious veggies at the end of Nutrition Month.

The students at South Grove recently heard nutrition and fitness tips every day in their morning announcements all month long, and to wrap up Nutrition Month the South Grove PTA Nutrition Committee hosted a veggie buffet for them.

After their lunch periods, all the students got to sample new and unusual veggies like jicama, different colored carrots, tomatoes, roasted beets and some usual favorites like roasted cauliflower and salad greens with Greek plain yogurt to use as a dip. The kids were open to trying new things and several said they want to ask their moms to roast cauliflower because they loved it. Many moms in the PTA helped to roast and chop vegetables. After the buffet, the nutrition chairperson at South Grove Leia Stathakos-Tsialas presented what foods to choose and what foods to avoid in a game show format.

The students and teachers learned how to pick healthier snacks, make better breakfast, lunch and dinner choices. They were quizzed on which meals were healthier in some of their favorite eateries in the neighborhood like Cosi, Dunkin’ Donuts, Panera Bread, Jamba Juice, Burger King, McDonalds, Olive Garden, Chipotle, and The Outback Steakhouse and were quite surprised at some of the results. Thanks to Jyoti Agrawal, Mehtab Alladin, Fran Angilletta, Oksana Federico, Namiko Suga, Joana Tibara and Jill Zeller for helping make South Grove’s Nutrition week a huge success.

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