Kindergarten Orientation For Berry Hill Class Of 2023

Berry Hill PTA parent volunteers worked with the children to personalize their own homework caddies to hold school supplies.

The Berry Hill PTA hosted a fun-filled morning of activities for the incoming class of 2023. The kindergarten orientation also included an informative breakfast meeting for parents with Principal Mary Kolkhorst, Berry Hill PTA Co-President Lori Schiller and incoming PTA Co-Presidents Sabrina Antonacci and Tiffany Girolamo. The children participated in arts and crafts activities in the kindergarten classrooms, and had an opportunity to visit the library for story time and the gym for some sports games. All parents received an informational packet about Berry Hill Elementary and the PTA. The children were each given a homework caddy to hold school supplies, a Berry Hill reusable snack bag and the book The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing.

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