Joy Behar To Present At LGBT Network Gala

Joy Behar will present an award to honoree Robert Zimmerman at the LGBT Network Gala on May 3.

Emmy Award-winning co-host of ABC’s The View, Joy Behar, will be a guest speaker at the LGBT Network’s Gala at the Crest Hollow Country Club on Wednesday, May 3, at 6 p.m. Behar will present an award to event honoree Robert Zimmerman, partner of Zimmerman/Edelson, Inc.

Behar is an outspoken LGBT advocate, often defending and speaking up for equal rights while interviewing politicians on The View, and she has won numerous awards for her outstanding friendship to the LGBT community. Behar will present the LGBT Network Award to Zimmerman, a prominent national voice for LGBT equality.

“I am honored [that] Joy is presenting me the award…” said honoree Robert Zimmerman, known in the New York business community as founder and co-president of Zimmerman/Edelson, Inc., and also for his leadership in government and community service. Zimmerman is a Democratic National Committeeman.

“We are excited to have Ms. Behar present the award to Robert, who is so deserving of this recognition. They both exemplify what is needed more than ever before—bold and strong voices, standingup against hate and for full equality,” said LGBT Network CEO David Kilmnick. Proceeds from the “Copacabana” themed gala will support the LGBT Network’s anti-bullying programs in Long Island schools and communities.

The LGBT Network is a home and voice for LGBT people, their families and support systems of Long Island and Queens. The LGBT Network’s four community centers help LGBT people to be themselves, connect with others, get healthy and be empowered. The LGBT Network has a 24-year history of pioneering advocacy and change to promote safe spaces, not only within its programs, but in schools, workplaces, organizations and in the greater community.

—LGBT Network

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