Baylis Raises Funds With Fun


Clay_021716ASyosset’s Baylis Elementary School hosted a unique fundraising event recently, when all students were invited to the school in the evening to paint a mug or a bowl.

Clay_021716BClaytime of Huntington supplied the mugs, bowls and paints—with the excess funds going toward fifth-grade graduation related events.

The all purpose room was filled to capacity and all of the students sat with friends and parents and enjoyed expressing their creativity. The fifth graders also sold raffle tickets and at the end of the evening many prizes were raffled off, including snowball makers just in time for the string of snowstorms that hit the area,

Clay_021716CThe mugs and bowls were taken back to Claytime where they were fired up to create an original masterpiece that is functional, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Submitted by Ann Duguid


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