Studio Brings The Musical Rapture

Woodbury’s Chase Zabatta operates Rapture Sound Studio. (Photos by Chris Boyle)

Hidden away amongst the twisting industrial alleyways lining Robbins Lane is an unlikely oasis for the musically-minded, nestled in-between countless warehouses and trucks, known as Rapture Sound Studio, Syosset’s first top-of-the-line rehearsal studio created for musicians, by musicians.

The 2,500-square foot Rapture features four fully sound-proofed rehearsal studios with state-of-the art, top-dollar mixing and sound equipment, as well as a larger “showcase” room where wedding bands and the like can play for prospective clients. Clearly, Rapture is jockeying to position as the premiere location for anyone looking for a place to hone their musical skills before a big show.

“We’re more of a destination—people call here and book studios, they usually don’t just walk on in,” said owner Chase Zabatta. “That’s the great thing about this business. You don’t have to have a storefront location on a busy street and pay all that overhead. You can be in the middle of nowhere.”

Rapture is located in nondescript industrial area off Robbins Lane.

Zabatta, a Woodbury resident, comes from a musically diverse background. He spent some time chasing his dream of being a rock and roller while also working in the production side of the music business with some of the industry’s biggest artists.

“I played guitar, sang, I did it all. I played in a few different bands,” he said. “I also started working at Quad Studios in Manhattan as a sound engineer, recording a lot of rap artists like Kanye West. But I was really into the heavy metal music, so I also worked at another place called Terminus NYC with artists from that genre as well.”

After getting his hands dirty in the music biz for a number of years, he developed a new dream—owning his own studio. Basing his design on a previous, now closed studio in Babylon that he used to utilize himself and injecting base with his own ideas, he discovered the perfect location in Syosset—a former industrial wood shop that he gutted and re-built, situated just minutes away from his home in Woodbury—and brought Rapture to life in June of 2015.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the music industry and I found that a rehearsal studio is the best route to that,” he said. “Besides, there’s really no places like this anywhere on Long Island, at least ones that are worth coming to. Everyone that comes here never wants to leave.”

Rapture features state-of-the-art equipment.

Rapture is open by appointment and musicians can book a studio any time they want, 24 hours a day. Want to wail with your buddies at 3 a.m. on a Saturday? Just call beforehand and Rapture will be open for you, Zabatta said. Also, if you’re trying to get together a band of your own but are shy a drummer or bassist, no worries—Rapture features a bulletin board in its lobby where musicians can connect with like-minded individuals seeking to get together and jam. Need a singer? Leave a note on the board, Zabatta said, and you’ll most likely get a few calls before the day is out.

Zabatta is nothing but a hard worker when he sees something he wants. Currently working long hours as a graphic designer on the side in order to get his dream of his very own rehearsal studio afloat, he’s constantly flirting with burnout with all the effort, but what keeps him going is the very clear goal he has set before himself. And that goal gets closer and closer every day, he noted.

“Things have really picked up a lot recently. I’ve really pushed the advertising and have gotten good ratings on Google, Yelp and everywhere else, and we have really, really good ratings, so things are picking up a lot,” he said. “Everything here is brand-new and cutting-edge with all the best equipment, such as Blackstar speakers and amps, which aren’t cheap. We can really take your music to the next level, so give us a call and schedule a session. You won’t want to leave.”

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